reconstructive surgery

Filling with Fat

Surgery Time
1-2 hours, depending on quantity
Off work
1 week
3 weeks

Filling with Fat

It´s more and more common to use the injection of fat in conjunction with other surgical procedures.

The best results with fat filling are those used with breast reconstruction after mastectomy or lumpectomy.


Candidates: Those patients with residual scars from surgical procedures or accidents, those who are undergoing other procedures and need fat injection as a complementary treatment to correct imperfections.

Type of pain: Tension and sensation of impact – stiffness in areas where fat is removed.

Scars: Puncture marks, the same that can be left by an intravenous drip.

Consequences: Increase in the number of breast examinations. Possible flaccidity in the donor area.

Keep in mind: Enlargement or reconstruction using fat injection normally needs more than one surgical appointment and the most important factor is the availability of fat on other parts of the body.

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