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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the minimum requirements I need to be able to undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure?

The most important thing is to have a relistic idea of what you can achieve with cosmetic surgrery.

2. What is the minimum age needed to undergo a procedure?

This depends on the procedure, the earliest being the otoplasty(ear tuck) which can be done from the age of 5, the rhinoplasty from 18, for breast enlargement the recommended age is from 19 and in the case of excessive growth or important breast asymmetries 16.

3. If I´m a smoker is it necessary to reduce tobacco consumption before and after a surgical procedure?

You shouldn´t smoke for 3 weeks before or after a surgical procedure.

4. I have suffered some sort of mental illness during my life or am being treated at the moment. Should I inform the doctor?

It is important that in the medical history any illness that has required medical treatment, hospitilization, surgical procedures or pharmaceutical treatment be mentioned.

5. I have HIV or hepatitis antibodies or have tested positive for or had tuberculosis. Should I inform the medical team?

When the medical history of a patient is done, it is important that all the relative medical facts are given as additional tests may be needed before the procedure and if these are not carried out there could be an increased risk.

6. Once I have decided to undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure what steps should I follow?

You should contact Bel Munar (, she will guide you concerning appointments and tests.

7. What do the pre surgery tests consist of?

Normally the tests are a blood test, ECG, mammogram and/or a breast scan. In patients over 60 or with a serious smoking history a chest x-ray may be asked for.

8. What is the payment method?

Normally a note will be included with the quote explaining the method of payment. It is divided into 4 payments:

1st payment: At the pre surgery appointment.

2nd payment: Paid directly to the implant manufacturer if this is the case.

3rd payment: On admittance or discharge from the clinic or hospital.

4th payment: Before first post-op appointment.

If you have any questions our patient-care team will be pleased to help.