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Brachioplasty (Arm lift)

Arm Lift

1. What can I do if I have a fatty arm?

If excess weight is not the problem, a liposuction should be done in combination with the arm lift depending on the quality of the skin.


Candidates: Patients without excess weight and with loose skin on the interior of the arms owing to loss of skin elasticity due to age or extreme weight loss. It´s important that a patient who undergoes this procedure prefers a long scar to hanging skin.

Type of pain: Stinging of the wounds, especially in the region of the armpit.

Scars: Usually the whole lengh of the inside of the arm, continuing in a Z or T shape under the armpit.

Consequences: Permanent or temporary numbness on the inside of the arm, scar.

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Tiempo Quirúrgico
30-45 minutos
Local y sedación o general
5 días. No relaciones
sexuales en 4 semanas
Ausencia Laboral
24 – 48h

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